And hold on to these years


Saturday. Graduationday.
I love this feeling! Summer in the air, proud parents and relatives, relieved and free graduates, happy youth and party everywhere.
It’s so nice to celebrate with all these people. Okay I sound really corny today but haha. Otto’s and Nicholas’ graduation parties were nice, I totally hang out eith grandmothers and uncles and ate a lot of cake and drank a lot of champagne. Haha and felt weirdly proud of the guys. Happy to work with such great people. Matilda also came and drove us from place to place.
Now I’m on my way to Kamppi to pick up Elina and have a coffee with my long lost sister, before heading to the Helsinki high school graduation, were I’ll be photographing and hopefully helping out with a little this and that. 400-something people are coming, so I’m looking forward to just as great of a night as yesterday!

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