Let’s toast to being alive, and for reasons to smile

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Perfect Valborg and 1st of May! I’m at Emil’s place, and we just came back from a walk around town. Some Porvoo-friends showed up and we had some wine and some funnel cake. Great cathing up! I got all the gossip I’ve missed out on. Then we visited an outdoor party-place, but realised that there were only younger people that we didn’t know, and som we headed back home to drink the rest of our winebottle (tasted so bad, cheap shit) and have some ice cream while watching a dutch gay movie. Since we’re going interrailing, we try to watch a lot of European movies, but they always end up being gay movies haha. Well now we’re kind of watching the movie as background noise and talking shit about random things. Mainly how to flirt with foreigners on Snapchat and read the signals right. These guys…

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