Hit the ground, didn’t make no sound

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WHY do I always forget that when you promise to do 20 things, you actually have a LOT to do.

I got to work at 9, worked my ass of until 10 and then I went to the gymnasium Lärkan where my friend Jannica (formerly a board member of FSS) studies. We kept a lecture/workshop about xenophobia and human rights, including a simulation with refugees crossing a border and a presentation of the Study Session we participated in in Budapest earlier this year. It went great, even though I could have planned my part better. I was in charge of the border officials, giving them roles and supervising them when they planned the border office. My group was a German group, and the other would have had Finnish, so that worked out great, and no one managed to communicate with anyone. The students liked the simulation anyway and we got a pretty good dicussion afterwards, With all kinds of discussions and opinions on the topic of migration and refugees expecially.

Then I had lunch there, and met their prinicipal and his guests, two teachers from Greece. We had a good conversation and the teachers even wanted to stay in touch and exchange ideas when they go back to continue renewing the schoolsystem there. Interesting!

Anyway, back at the office, worked my ass of for an hour or so, and then I started going through e-mails, writing pressreleases, sending them out, scheduling meetings and filling up the next 2 weeks, while matching this with my work scheme somehow. I feel like whatever I do, someone is always yelling at me for not putting them first. Sigh, still can’t say I don’t enjoy it. Now I’m in the bus (which has been stuck in the same place for 25 minutes without me realising, since I’m so into the computer. That also means I won’t be home in another hour) reading more e-mails and eating fresh strawberries (YES, you read right, this luxury is part of what keeps me going) on my way home for a “quiet” evening with two articles and a statement to be written and a family to hang out with.

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