Now I am invincible, a warrior, a shooting star

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Sun is shining. Elina was at our place yesterday and I woke up next to her. The busride to work was spent reading. I made three maps for the newspaper at work. My sister passed her moped license theory test. I got a summerjob at the state-owned broadcasting company YLE. My mom had a seminar in Helsinki and afterwards we took a coffee at Wayne’s. I had a great meeting with Jannica from the FSS board about a workshop we’re going to hold in her high school on Xenophobia, and we went through the material. We got this great idea for a simulation with refugees crossing a border, and it’s going to be so awesome since it’s a German group and a Finnish group, so we get the education into the theme perfectly. I also had accompanied Marie to dinner and we had a nice talk. And then I walked through a literally glowing, windy Helsinki and caught a bus to Porvoo.

Tomorrow I have a short day at work and then I’m off to Kemiö island and the FSS General Assembly.

People might think I’m weird but I just can’t stop smiling.

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