Maybe I’m crazy but so are you

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Haha I was supposed to write happy Sunday everyone but then I realised it’s monday. I worked until 1.30 so my boss gave me the day off. Hihi.

I’m still at Marie’s apartment, watching Netflix movies and going through my e-mail. Marie went to work 7-8ish (?) and then fell back asleep. But weirdly enough, I woke up again already at 10 (that’s early for me) and made breakfast and washed the dishes and cleaned a bit. I never clean at home, but at somebody else’s, sure.

Now I’m trying to get out of the sofa and take the next bus to Porvoo. I have a meeting later on and then actually the rest of the evening off too!

THese pictures are from Saturday, when I was supposed to go to Venla’s school musical but I got the wrong adress and ended up in Kalasatama instead of Espoo. So I walked along the coast line and took some pictures. And then ate an avocado on a jetty in Kruunuhaka and people gave me funny looks.

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