Catching the sun before it sets

IMG_160415 IMG_160415-2 IMG_160415-3 IMG_160415-5  IMG_160415-9

I had a really boring and tiring day with lots of work and no real challenges and no real results. This is why I couldn’t do only one job from 8-16. It’d be sooo much easier, but I get tired after less than a full working day. My head likes to have 1000 irons in the fire. It likes to be stressed and pushed to the top. Or bottom. Or end. Something like that.

But I decided to do what I always do to clear the tension. Drive and take pictures.

Tried to catch the sun before it set so I drove from the east side of Porvoo (where I live) to the northwest side and realised the sun was faster than me. Even though I speeded. Damn nature.

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