Elina’s sister Malena, close friend of my sister Hannah, got confirmated today! I’m officially their family photographer after taking pictures on both girls’ confirmations.

There was this time in my life when I the only thing I wished for was a friend. And in a cold bus a foggy morning, this girl catches my eye for a second and I think to my self that it’s another stupid girly-girl and she thinks to herself that there’s some random boy […]

Today’s! In the morning, I drove of to Gammelby ABC, halfway to Lovisa. And it didn’t take long, until tis beautiful girl arrived! As I’ve missed her! As one of the absolutely oldest friends of mine, she’s an important part of my life and nothing makes me happier than knowing that for once, we both […]

So I’m home again after a few days away. And once again I realised how much it means, and how good it feels to talk to people. I mean really, nothing clears my head like talking to people. Which I’m gonna continue with tomorrow, Rebecca just got home and I haven’t seen her in like […]