Presidential elections

Have you remembered to vote today? If the candidate is still missing, send me message and we can discuss it!

I wrote Pekka Haavisto’s number 3 on the voting ballot, because he has extensive foreign policy experience, he understands minority and equality issues and I trust his knowledge on security issues.

I’ve wanted to vote in these elections since I was 7, not kidding, and even though I now know that the president isn’t the most powerful person here, I still find all these voting opportunities awesome! There are lots of ways to influence, but there’s no easier one that voting. And because it sucks not having the right to vote (whether it’s because you’re underage, because you belong to an opressed minority, or because your country is super corrupt/a dictatorship) I encourage everyone who CAN, to vote today and in all other elections!

Visst kommer du ihåg att gå och rösta idag? Sätt ett meddelande om du ännu funderar på kandidat och vill bolla tankar! 

Själv röstade jag på nummer 3, Pekka Haavisto, på grund av hans digra utrikespolitiska erfarenhet, hans förståelse för minoritets- och jämlikhetsfrågor och för att jag litar på hans säkerhetspolitiska omdöme.

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