I see you running through that open door


So my wallet is either lost or stolen, and I had everything I owned in it, including lots of cash that I was supposed to pay a debt to my father with. So that pretty much sucks, I hate being dependant on people. But apart from that, it’s been an alright day, a bit cloudy but still like 30 degrees. We hang out by the pool down at Gran Anfi, and then we took pictures of Annika and Hannah jet skiing before swimming a bit in the ocean. We also spent an hour in the pool at Puerto Anfi, another area at the hotel. My Mom made clear that this night was supposed to be my birthday dinner, meaning three course-meal and wine, all paid by my parents. We had so much fun dressing up and getting ready! I usually don’t care that much but putting on some make-up can be something I really enjoy. In a way it’s like art, but you get to show it off in a totally different way.

Anyway, I had an amazing dinner with deep fried pygmy squids, beef tenderloin and a brownie accompanied with very nice wine and a cappuccino. Recommending Tapas Tapas at the Anfi del Mar area in Patalavaca, Gran Canaria! Good service and amazing food. Another thing to try is their Gambas al Ajillo, sizzling garlic prawns.

We tried to have a small photoshoot and it went alright, the girls looked so beautiful tonight! Dinner was apparently finished already at 9 p.m. so I asked the others if they felt like having a drink at the beach bar, and they absolutely did. We had so much fun! Screwdriver forever and always, sitting in these white sofas on the sand at the heart-shaped island the entrepreneur of this hotel built for his wife. I’m so thankful to have these people in my life, even though I still haven’t figured out a way to relax on this vacation. Except for when I paint in my new adult painting book cuz that totally relaxes me, thanks Pinja and Amanda. It’s like meditation, but you get something visible done so even I have the patience to do it.

Tomorrow we’re off to Puerto Rico and the Amadores beach, and I hope to have the energy to go for a run in the morning. Ah, vacation.

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