The trees they fall down on their own


Two pictures from monday, we had a Youth Editorial meeting for the newspaper Östnyland. I have an article about easter and easter eggs haha in today’s newspaper, and then next week and the week after that we have election specials, so I’ve got the columns for both weeks.

Right now I’m in the archipelago, spending time with my beautiful sisters and nephews! We’ve been walking outside, rowing on the sea which was like TOTALLY quiet. Then we talked to some neighbours, baked bread and now we’re doing the girls’ hairs and watching Tähdet, tähdet (Finnish music programme). The funny thing is that it’s me and the guys straightening and curling their hairs.

So what have I been up to? On Monday after the exhibition, I had a meeting and then I wrote an exam for a hygiene passport that I passed. Then on Tuesday I did some work from home, and on Wednesday after school the Youth Council’s board met and I pretty much ended up making the whole agenda for the next meeting on my own. On Thursday I went to school, had an exam, went to a UNA of Finland-meeting and then shopping with Nora and Nea in Helsinki. And today when we arrived I had a Skype-meeting with the workgroup of the WESSAC-project, a co-operation between Western-European SSU’s.

And now I’m trying to relax and chill and enjoy being close to nature with my family. Not used to this slow pace, silence and peace.

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