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Starting to feel the christmas spirit over here. Not a lot of snow, but my school is
all decorated and we had a Santa Claus bringing all the 1200 students down to our eating area and shared some candy and told some stories. And then I got a great test out today, a math test where I just failed on 0,25 points haha. So I went out and bought myself a gift from my mom, a Fjällräven Kånken backpack.

Oh and yesterday, I went to see a friend’s play as I already wrote, and that was great. But afterwards I felt lazy and slept at my cousin’s house instead of going back home.

Tomorrow I’ll be eating breakfast with my family at the hospital’s big christmasbreakfastpartything. Since my mom works there and Dad also did for 30 years, it’ll be nice for them to go and bring me and my sister for once.

And while I’m at it, talking about this life of mine. I just found out that I’ll be representing the Swedish-speaking Schoolstudents Union of Finland in Hungary on a seminar and studying week in February. So awesome! Haha I just realised that the last three trips I’ve been on has been business/workrealted (Norway, Germany, Estonia) and now I have a trip to Sweden coming up right before Christmas and then Hungary, and I’m also planning something fun with my sister and cousin. Plus I would wanna go interrail in the summer if I get a friend to go with haha. This seems to be my life right now.

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