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PE is so much fun in Prakticum, today we climbed walls haha. Actually super awesome, I really enjoyed it, even though it’s like super hard and my technique sucks. After that I went back to school for 4 hours of high school lessons. Since I’m doing the combined degree with both matriculation examination and basic examination in audiovisual communication, I have like a shitload of math and swedish this year that most of my classmates don’t. Anyway, I keep going cuz I reaaaaally feel like standing there in three years with both degrees.

This has been another very full week of meetings, school, busrides and christmasparties. I had a skype-meeting with the Tallinn City Youth Council’s president yesterday since our youth council is visiting them on sunday-monday, and I’m the head of the workgroup. That’s gonna be a lot of fun ! Just have a FORK-concert and a lot of homework and then I’m off to Estonia!

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