The Italians left this morning, and that’s probably what’s been going through our minds the whole day. We were quiet in the bus (okay most of us were sleeping) and everyone was just tired and sad in London. And the weather was too hot and the time was too short so we didn’t really enjoy quite as much as we could have. In my opinion though, today was a good day. ESPECIALLY when we got back to Brigton and me, Vertti, my roomies Pinja, Julia and Riina went out to dinner. We found this incredible Italian restaurant, with a pizza and pasta buffĂ© and ate for more than 2 hours. To a ridiculously low price, we were offered 6 kinds of pizza, spaghetti and a wide saladtable + a dessert of choice. I ate a bunchload of pizza, some cucumber and spaghetti, and topped it all with a warm choclate brown and icecream. And of course, everything with the best possible company, cuz that’s the only thing offered here. On our way out, I turned to a waitress and told her how good the food, service and feeling over all was, and she gave me a free lollipop. So a really good night.
Then when we got home, our host mom was out celebrating her birthday and her son had a babysitter. We were expecting to find an old lady knitting in the sofa, not the handsome young men we found there now.
So a really really good night.

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