IMG_2723 IMG_2743 IMG_2785 IMG_2774

GeoCaching on our way there.IMG_2798 IMG_2834 IMG_2903IMG_2917 IMG_2840

Celebrating midsummer on the jetty.IMG_3021-2

Cuz on our boat trip it started hailing. IMG_3077

Me playing with the airgun.


My result in the darts-competition.


A moment of sunshine, thank god I got to borrow these rubber boots.

IMG_3204 IMG_3242

And a picture from the old village of Fagervik.

Finally! My midsummer-pictures! Friday morning, I drove via Supermarket and Brunberg (both were like horribly overstuffed with people and the queues were mile-long) to Rebecca in Sibbo. Then we drove to her familys’ summercottage in the archipelago. While on our way, her parents wanted to go Geo Caching, which was fun. Right now I’m trying to convince my parents to start too, they’re in need of a hobby like that.

But yeah, we got to their cottage (which is like three cottages actually) and it felt just great. I haven’t realized how much I’ve missed the archipelago. Their cottage is in Barösund, west of Helsinki, where I’ve sailed along with my family almost every summer since I was a baby. And so we spent a great midsummer with sauna, skinny dipping, good food & company, a movie and strawberries. The weather was….. Kind of varying, the whole weekend. So saturday we drove the boat to the other side of the island, but then it started raining and hailing so we looked for shelter under a pine. Typical Finnish summer. Then we ate more good food. And watched another good movie. And just talked for hours as usual. On our way home, we GeoCached some in the beautiful Fagervik (it means Beautiful Bay, actually) so I’ve got a lot of nice pictures from everywhere haha.  You’ll get more pics later.


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