The lazy King and he’s little helpers. IMG_2105-2

Floweeeeeers. Just ‘cuz it’s summer. IMG_2147-2

A wounded brother getting help at the crazy doctors clinic. IMG_2162-2

Another brother getting some weird hormon-medicine. IMG_2166-2

The Puss in Boots. IMG_2240-2

Puss in Boots, the brothers and the donkey. IMG_2261-2

Rebecca IS Fucking Awesome.

Well hello there. It’s been raining. Oh, and also went to see two summertheatres with Rebecca, who’s currently laying in my bed reading an old copy of Frida. And laughing at the stupid sexquestions. On Tuesday, we went to see a play in Vanda, and then I stayed overnight at her place, so now after Postbacken she stays at mine. This year, they’re playing ‘Puss in boots’ on Postbacken and a lot of our friends from the theatreschool were acting.

We’ve also eaten some pizza, or I ate, Rebecca took a salad and now she’s hungry again. And we’ve been singing (and screaming haha) some good old ones. As always, some pictures from the play;


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