Suomeksi På svenska

Currently, I’m studying economics at Hanken School of Economics, working as a Public Affairs Advisor at Miltton and as a municipal politician for the Helsinki Greens. I am originally from Porvoo and that’s also where my spark for politics was born. Since then I have moved to Helsinki, and my passion for politics has developed into a career. 

My core values are equality, democracy and sustainability. I am a liberal feminist who promotes diversity and participation in all my policies.

Having worked for a long time in several different organisations, each year I have seen more and more clearly how much it matters who makes the decisions. Before my current job, I worked for almost three years as the Secretary General of the Youth and Student Union of the Greens, and before that I worked for a while as an advocacy coordinator at the vocational students’ union Osku. Before that, I was the full-time chair of the Swedish-speaking students’ union FSS. In addition, I have served as chair and trainer for the LGBTQIA+ organisation Regnbågsallians and as a board member of the European student organisation OBESSU. 

I have a vocational qualification in audiovisual communication and my background includes experience in the media industry, including work and internships at Yle and Hufvudstadsbladet. After completing a double examination by December 2016, I also worked at the Rikhardinkatu library in the childrens’ and youth department. 

In municipal politics, I currently serve as a deputy member of the Helsinki Board of Education and as vice chair of the Swedish section. Previously, I have also held various positions related to youth and language policy.

In my spare time, I spend time with my spouse and dog, preferably on long walks along the beaches, and enjoy socialising with friends and family over good food, preferably in the middle of the vibrant city culture, on a picnic or in a café.

For ten years, I’ve been working to make a difference, whether it’s supporting green youth in community engagement and politics, campaigning for the citizens’ initiative on abolishing costs in secondary education, or advocating for the rights of LGBTQIA+ youth in the media.  Now it’s time to take that work to the Parliament.