Waiting for the day when men in dresses are taken seriously

Here’s a very good column about how (young) women are treated in the work and professional atmosphere.
I am well aware that the main reason I haven’t had to take much sexist shit in meetings, interviews and workplaces, is the fact that I never show up in a cute dress, with a long braid and red lipstick. You get taken more seriously the less feminine you appear.

Frankly, all sexist comments I’ve got in work situations are the ones appearing after I’ve complained about how dry my eyeliner is, how itchy my bra is or the fact that I’m on my period. The everyday things that are associeted with women, and therefor with a lack if seriousness in the workplace.

And this is in no way something only men do. It’s also an awful lot of women, not taking eachother seriously if the other one is sporting a a flowery dress and glittery eyeshadow. So what we’re doing is once again re-inforcing the stereotype that only what’s masculine is professional, and that all other apperances are some kind of exceptions.

Sign. Waiting for the day when men in dresses are taken seriously.

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