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About me

I’m a Helsinki-based, extroverted world-saver, who gets going on everything related to politics, leadership and communication. As a person, I’m the one that tries to engage everyone around me to get something new and purposeful going, while making sure everyone’s time is consumed efficiently and in a fun and positive way. I love taking on projects with some kind of world-changing aspect, just as much as I love hanging out with my close ones over coffee or a glass of red wine.

At the moment I am acting as the Secretary General of the Green Youth of Finland. I’m also serving on the board of the Organising Bureau of European School-students OBESSU, while studying part time for my Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration. My background includes being the president of the Swedish-speaking School-student’s union FSS full time during the years 2017-2019, a degree in audiovisual communication and a Finnish matriculation examination, and I’ve been active in numerous organisations, projects and influencing bodies since the age of 12.

My passions include equality, sustainability and human rights, leadership and a modern working life, education, student’s and youth rights. 


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Vihreät Nuoret – Gröna Unga – Green Youth of Finland (Nov ’19 -)

Secretary General Nov ’19 –

In November 2019, I started working for the Green Youth as the secretary general. My tasks include leading the everyday operations of the political youth organisation, responsibility for planning, funding and carrying out all activities, leading the staff of seven, HR and recruitments, everyday finances, applying for, reporting and growing the funding, supporting in political and communications related issues, representing the organisation and leading the elections campaigns.

Suomen Opiskelija-Allianssi OSKU ry (1 month)

Advocacy Coordinator Oct ’19 – Nov ’19

OSKU represents vocational students in Finland, and my tasks as the advocacy coordinator included planning and carrying out lobbying meetings with members of parliament, writing statements and comments on laws and proposals regarding youth, vocational students and education as well as arranging events with advocacy-related focus. After a month of inspiring and interesting work, I made the hard decision to resign as I had been offered a full-time leadership position the Green Youth of Finland.

Finlands Svenska Skolungdomsförbund FSS (2 yrs 3 months)

President Apr ’17 – Jun ’19

After being a member of the board for the working year 2014-2015, and being the vice president for the working years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, I was elected president of the Swedish-speaking School-student’s Union of Finland FSS at the General Assembly in Espoo 2017. I was elected, and started working full-time immediately with tasks ranging from planning and coordinating campaigns and events, to lobbying politicians and making statements in the media and at conferences, to HR and management, to leading the board and supporting engaged youth in their local work and projects, to developing the whole organisation as a workplace, it’s communication, it’s long term strategy, it’s structures and events.

My biggest advocacy-related achievements include coordinating FSS participation in, and the content of, the campaign against costs in secondary education during the two years leading up to the parliamentary elections in April 2019, which resulted in a citizen’s initiative that gathered more than 53 000 signatures. Even though the original initiative wasn’t successful during the 2015-2019 parliamentary period, the Rinne government (2019-) pledged to include the abolishment of costs in their work. 

On a personal level, I planned, coordinated and carried out a new event concept, the Toppmöte 2018, a weekend-long seminar in Tampere for stundet council presidents and other board members. The first-time event gathered some 50 young people from all over Finland and inspiring speakers with experience from international work, Finnish politics and leadership in NGOs.

Rikhardinkatu Library (4 months)

Substitute Librarian Jan ’17 – Mar ’17

After graduating, the library offered me a subsitute position at my former summer job in the children’s and young adult’s section. My tasks included assisting customers, from picking out stories for small children and their parents to suggesting classics to young people for literature classes. I also planned and implemented thematic reading suggestions and marketing for events and services, specifically for children and young adults.

Library assistant Jul ’16 – Aug ’16

In the summer of 2016, I held a summer job at the oldest library building in Finland the Rikhardinkatu library in Helsinki. I worked in the children’s and young adult’s section, as well as the music section, and my tasks included assisting customers with finding suitable books and media for their needs, as well as planning graphics and video material for marketing of the library’s services and for information purposes.

Yle X3M (5 months)

Intern Aug ’16 – Nov ’16

Finishing my studies in audiovisual communication, I did an internship at my former summer job X3M. My main projects was a video series about LGBTQIA+ allies, where I planned, contacted, booked and interviewed more-or-less cis-straight public figures about their engagement for the LGBTQIA+ community. The series were published during the Pride-week 2017 and spread on social media. 

Summer reporter Jun 15 – ‘Jul 15

My first summer job was at the radio- and media channel X3M, the National Broadcasting Company Yle’s channel for Swedish-speaking youth. My tasks included writing articles, transcribing interviews, producing (planning, acting in, filming, editing and publishing) a videoblog with behind-the-scenes material, and assisting and photographing guests for the radio shows.

Helsinki Designmuseum (1 month)

Planning assistant Jun ’16 – Jul ’16

In the beginning of the summer of 2016, I worked as a planning assistant at #munmuseo, a project to engage young people and bring them closer to the world of museums. In co-operation with Helsinki city and Designmuseo, Sinebrychoffin museo,Taidehalli, Ateneum, Helsinki Art Museum and Amos Anderssonin taidemuseo, the project employed young people to plan and carry out events and make recommendations to the museums on how to be more youth friendly. I worked at the Helsinki Design museum, mainly with planning and realizing the visual identity of the specific event, as well as coordinating some performances taking place during the event. 

After the project had ended, I did a couple of freelance apperances to share best-practices and train youth workers about the project together with staff from the museum.

Yle Archive (4 months)

Assistant Dec ’15 – Mar ’16

For a short while during my secondary studies, I worked weekends and evenings at the National Broadcasting Company Yle’s Swedish-speaking archive, with my role mainly including bug fixing, arranging of old material, and writing new articles about old-but-gold content.

Yle Kioski (3 months)

Intern Nov ’15 – Feb ’16

As a part of my secondary education, I did an internship, and my first work experience in a Finnish-speaking environment, at the broadcasting company Yle’s Kioski-department. The department mainly worked with 5 different TV-programmes and creating digital content for youth at the time, and my tasks included background research for interviews on the TV-shows, creating video material for social media, and assisting in the production of some of the shows, planning concepts, contacting and assiting guests.

Hufvudstadsbladet (2 months)

Intern Apr ’15 – May ’15

My first internship as part of my vocational qualification, was at the Swedish-speaking newspaper Hufvustadsbladet, where I worked primarly with layout and infographics like maps, presenting statistics and mapping out the new members of parliament on a spread the morning after the parliamentary elections in 2015. I also planned and carried out a more journalistical project exploring stereotypes and prejudices through a social experiment, that was published in May 2015.

Borgåbladet/Östnyland (3 yrs 5 months)

Youth reporter Feb ’14 – May ’17

The local newspaper in my hometown Porvoo has a long-standing tradition of having a spread each week dedicated to young people’s work. I contributed to the youth section for almost 3,5 years, writing columns on various topics ranging from educational policy and youth participation to prejudice and young people’s thoughs about sorrow. I also did quite a lot of event coverage and polls, as well as new photography.

Yle Östnyland (2 weeks)

Intern Jan ’14 – Jan ’14

During my lower secondary education, I had the possibility to spend 2 weeks at the national broadcasting company Yle’s local office in Porvoo. As an intern, I assisted the reporters by researching, making calls and following them on the field to take pictures. I also worked with taking pictures of the various cities in the district to fill up the image bank for future purposes.


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Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration

Hanken School of Economics (Helsinki, Finland) Sep ’20 –

Part-time studies, starting in the autumn of 2020 to be completed alongside work for the upcoming years. Majoring in management and organisation, minoring in corporate responsibility and business law.

Vocational qualification in audiovisual communication

Vocational College of Prakticum (Helsinki, Finland) Aug ’14 – Dec ’16

I attended the media programme at Prakticum and studied graphic design, photography and video production for 2,5 years, after which I graduated. During my studies, I completed 3 internships at the newspaper Hufvustadsbladet (where I worked primarly with layout and infographics), at the broadcasting company Yle’s Kioski-department creating digital content for youth (where my tasks included video production and background research), and at the Swedish-speaking radio- and media channel for youth, X3M (where I worked on various video productions, the biggest one being a video series about LGBTQIA-allies). I was also an active member of the student council, being elected student body president in 2016.

Matriculation examination 

Helsinge Gymnasium (Vantaa, Finland) Oct ’14 – Dec ’16

During my secondary education, I took some courses and completed the Finnish matriculation examination (Studentexamen/Ylioppilastutkinto) with the finishing grades EEEMM. (E = 5/6, M = 4/6) in Swedish, Finnish, English, Social Sciences and Mathematics (short course).

Comprehensive education grades 7-9

Lyceiparkens skola (Porvoo, Finland) Aug ’11 – ‘May 14

In lower secondary school, I was present to found and work out the structure of a new student council, which I later was elected president of. I spent my time arranging activities and being part of influencing the school’s rules and structures through various meetings, demonstrations etc. During this time, I was going to theather school outside of the regular curricula, was elected to the local youth council and in 9th grade, I was elected to the board of the national school-stundent’s union FSS. I also had my first work experience as an intern at the national broadcasting company Yle, after which I got a part-time opportunity to contribute to the local newspaper Borgåbladet (later: Östnyland).

Comprehensive education grades 1-6

Vårberga skola (Porvoo, Finland) Aug ’05 – May ’11

During my elementary education, I ran for the first student council that the school had, and managed to be elected student body president. It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn about democracy in the most concrete way possible. My main interests during the time was reading, writing, playing football on the breaks, singing in the church choir and being active in the scouts, as well as going to theather school.

Volunteer experience

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Organising Bureau of European School-Student Unions OBESSU (Sep ’15 -)

Board member Jun ’19 –

During the general assembly of OBESSU in the summer of 2019, one of my long-time dreams came through when I was elected to the board of the organisation. OBESSU forms the European umbrella organisation for secondary students, consisting of 30 member, candidate and affiliate organisations in 24 countries, out of which the members are all student lead, democratic and independent national unions. 

As an OBESSU board member, I’m part of the 5 people team that leads the organisation, with my responsibilities being supporting the 8 staff members located in the Brussels office, leading the process of forming a new development strategy for the years 2020-2024, following up on impact assessment and thematic questions related to digitalisation and VET.

Working group on Vocational Education and Training Sep ’15 – Jun ’19

Selected to the expert group on VET in the autumn of 2015, I got to work with policy statements and providing VET-related expertise to both the OBESSU board and the membership.

In 2016 the working group concentrated on an interactive workshop on the structure of VET, with the target of increasing knowledge of different VET-systems and interest in understanding VET as well as promoting VET as a first choice, that took place at the European Youth Event in Strasbourg. In 2017, the working group created policy recommendations for OBESSU and begun the project of researching representation structures for vocational students in Europe. In 2018 the working group arranged a similar interactive workshop about VET at the European Youth Event.

Furthermore, I represented the working group at the European Youth Hearings in the European parliament in the autumn of 2016, at the VET week in Brussels in 2017, the VET week in Vienna 2018 and the Future of VET-conference in Vienna in 2018.

Working group on the Political Platform Apr ’17 – ‘May 17

Selected as a member of the working group in 2017, I took part in reviewing and rewriting the then 32-page political platform of OBESSU. My personal responsibilities included the chapter on high quality education, pedagogy and vocational education. The shortened, up-to-date version was voted upon and entered into force at the general assembly in the summer of 2017.

Vihreät – De gröna – The Green Party (Jan ’17 – )

Party Council Jun ’19 –

During the party congress 2019 in Pori, I was elected to the party council nominated by the Swedish-speaking Greens, to take part in the work steering the party and it’s political standpoints for a 2-year mandate in the party council.

Working Group on Educational Policy Jun ’17 – Jun ’19

As a selected member of the Green party’s working group, an expert organ on educational matters, I took part in the thorough revision of the educational policy paper.  It states the Green’s vision for the educational system in Finland and in the EU, from early childhood education to life-long learning. My contributions focused mainly on upper and lower secondary education, including vocational education.

Swedish-speaking Greens of Finland – Grifi Jan ’18 – Dec ’19

Since elected board member for the working year 2018, I was in charge of the communication and marketing as well as taking care of one of the main events organised that year. The event was a co-operation with the Young Greens, and brought together more than 100 young Swedish- and Finnishspeaking green-minded youth for a 3 day seminar in Espoo. My tasks included creating the programme with rest of the event team, translating all information and funding applications, as well as both external and internal communication before, during and after the event, translating and hosting the event itself and facilitating a bilingual workshop on campaigning.

After being re-elected for a second term in the board in 2019, I’ve taken care of Grifi’s finances with payments and book-keeping as my main responsibilities.

Finnish Young Greens Jan ’17 – Nov ’19

In January 2017 I was selected to join the international working group within the young greens in Finland. During that year, we reviewed the Finnish Young Greens policy paper on the EU, and I specifically worked with rewriting the views on education in the EU. In 2018, I was selected to be the vice chair of the international working group and to support the chair in planning and carrying out activities like study visits. My main focus was a study visit to the Russain embassy where members of the young greens had the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the embassy’s work. In 2019, I was selected again to the new core team of the group.

Hospital Disctrict of Helsinki and Uusimaa Jun ’17 –

Mandated by the Helsinki Greens, I was selected to represent the party as a member of the official committee for the advocacy work regarding the minority language and the rights of the language minority withing the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital district. The work consists of following up conditions for the Swedish-speaking minority in the region, and the services that the hospital district provides as well as making policy recommendations that support those conditions. The hospital district provides medical services for an area where more than 30 % of Finland’s citizens live, and approximately 132 000 of them speak Swedish as their native language.

City of Helsinki  Jun ’17 –

Mandated by the Helsinki Greens, I was selected to represent the party as a member of the youth committee and the committee focusing on the bilingualism in Helsinki city. The youth committee acts as an advocacy and resource body for youth issues in the city. The committee on bilingualism reviews marketing, branding, services and education in both national languages, and makes policy recommendations to strenghten the bilingual brand and enhance the bilingual life experience in the capital.

Regnbågsankan (2 years)

President Jan ’18 – Dec ’19

Since I was elected to lead the Swedish-speaking NGO for sexual- and gender diversity in Finland, I’ve taken part in the discussion about equality in the media and society over all, participating in and giving speeches at demonstrations, conferences and events, as well as arranged and taken part in Pride-festivities and activities all over the country. During the first year, I took responsibility for increasing the budget which we managed to do for 2019 with an increase of 30 %, with which we managed to increase staff resources and move to a new office space. After being re-elected as president in 2019, I’ve spent more time supporting staff and developing services and communication.

National Youth Council of Finland – Allianssi (4 years)

Substitute board member Jan ’18 – Dec ’19

After 2 years in the working group on equality, I was nominated and elected as a substitute board member of Allianssi by the secondary school-student unions FSS, SLL, OSKU and Sakki. Since the beginning of my mandate in January 2018, I’ve gotten engaged especially with Allianssi’s work on democracy and participation as the board member in charge of the working group on youth participation and elections.

Working group on equality Jan ’16 – Dec ’17

Nominated by FSS, I took part in Allianssi’s work on increasing equality among and for youth. First as a member of the group and after being selected for a second term, as vice chair of the working group. The work included evaluating Allianssi’s internal equality work, representing Allianssi nationally and internationally and chairing some of the meetings with experts on equality and disadvantaged groups from all over the youth sector.

Finlands Svenska Skolungdomsförbund FSS (5 yrs 3 months)

Vice president Apr ’15 – Apr ’17

At the General Assembly of FSS in Kimito in 2015, I was elected vice president, and in Kristinestad the following year, I was re-elected to serve a second term. In 2017 and 2018, I was elected and re-elected as president, which was my full time job for those years. My tasks as vice president largely included representing the organisation, leading projects, taking part in recruitment processes, arranging activities and events for members, producing material for social media and formulating statements and opinions.

Board member Apr ’14 – Apr ’15

Elected to the board at the General Assembly of FSS, Elevriksdagen 2014 in Porvoo, I spent a year gaining understanding of the political system and education policy in Finland, the Nordics and Europe by representing the organisation in conferences, meetings and events, and shaping statements on topics such as school democracy, bilingualism and student well-being.

UN Association of Finland Jan ’15 – Dec ’18

Being elected as the youngest member of the board in the history of the UN Association, I took part in the work of promoting UN knowledge and agenda in Finland through campaigns and education for a 2 mandates, altogheter 4 years.

Finland in Europe Jun ’16 – Jun ’18

During my time as a substitute member of the board, I took part in the work promoting the Finnish EU-membership, and spreading information and facts about the EU in Finland. 

Summer High School Association of Finland May ’16 – May ’18

In the association, I took part in the work as a member of the board, the working committee and the working group for development. The association works with developing and coordinating the network of independent upper secondary courses taking place during the summer.

Helsingfors Elevers Centralorganisation HECO Jan ’15 – Dec ’16

As a member of the board and vice president of the regional organisation for secondary-students in and around Helsinki, I spent some time rebuildning the organisation and planning events for local secondary students in the Helsinki region. Among my responsibilities was the photographing at the Examination Dinner 2015, arranging the open air concert HECO goes Espan lava in the summer of 2015, as well as the full event management of the Examination Dinner 2016, an evening event that brought together more than 450 graduates for a 3 course dinner and drinks. My tasks there included the contact to the restaurant, marketing, administration of payments and registration, leading the team of volunteers during the event and coordinating the programme for the event.

Porvoo Youth Council (3 yrs 1 month)

Vice president, Translator, Secretary, Board Member Jan ’13 – Jan ’16

I was first elected to the Youth Council in Porvoo in the voting district Lyceiparkens skola in the autumn of 2012, beginning the mandate in January 2013 and re-elected for a second term in 2014, from the voting district of youth not studying in Porvoo. My mandate ended due to moving to Helsinki, in January 2016. 
During these years my tasks included translating all documents from Finnish to Swedish and the other way around, being responsible for all graphic material, the website, social media, all presentations and most pictures from the events, hosting and planning events like concerts, competitions and seminars, general representation and speeches on conferences, meetings and seminars on a local, regional, national and international level.  

Event staff Nov ’14 – May ’15

As a member of the youth council, I was invited to take part in an event production course, followed by an amazing experience as a member of the staff, organizing and hosting the regional and national events of SOUNDS 2015 in Porvoo. My tasks included hosting both the regional and national competitions as a speaker, reviewing and publishing reports from the event as well as planning the evening event with a team of 5, – a party for 10 000 people in the center of Porvoo.

Youth representative in the city’s Building- and environment Committee Jan ’13 – Jan ’16

The mandate consisted of representing the youth council in the City of Porvoo’s committee working on the environment and built areas in Porvoo. My tasks included preparation for meetings, attending the meetings and commenting on errands from the youth council’s point of view, and reporting back to the youth council.


Native or bilingual proficiency

Full professional proficiency (C2)

Full professional proficiency (C2)

Elementary proficiency (A1) 


  • B- driver’s license 2019
  • Hate Crime monitoring for NGOs 2016
  • Post-crisis reconciliation on a local level 2016
  • EU Education and the labour market 2016
  • Deporting Xenophobia from European Classrooms 2015
  • Hygiene passport 2015
  • Training Course for International Officers – Youth impact on the EU-level 2015
  • Event production 2014-2015
  • Youth Participation in the Baltic Region 2014
  • Language course – English C1, C2 2014, 2013
  • AM- driver’s license 2013
  • Young Enterprise 2013-2014
  • German 2013-2014
  • Spoken English 2013-2014
  • Basic theater education 2010-2014


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